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  • Is all of your clothing really handmade?
    Yes! We make each piece in house, from cut to finish. A real human is working behind the scenes to make a high quality piece of clothing that will last for a long time.
  • What is your normal turnaround time on orders?
    Orders from the Ready to Ship Collection are normally shipped within 3 business days. Custom orders are typically quoted as a 4 week turnaround time. This can be extended if we are extremely busy, which usually happens around the holidays. Check the banner on the Home page for turnaround times before you order. If you have a tight deadline, please email before ordering to ensure we can fulfill your request in time.
  • Why does it take so long to receive my custom order?
    We cut each individual order by hand and sew outfits together in small batches to maintain high quality construction and eliminate waste that is often a by-product of large textile manufacturers. We know how hard it is to wait for a special item, especially in this modern world of instant gratification. But we promise, it's worth the wait!
  • Where can I ask about the status of my order?
    Checking on order statuses takes our limited staff away from the manufacturing process. However, if you absolutely cannot wait, you can email us at to check on where you are in the queue. We encourage you to order in plenty of time if you have a tight deadline to avoid worrying if your items will ship in time.
  • Where do I request a special fabric print?
    Go to our Custom Orders page and fill in the form with your special request. We are always shopping for new designs and love to hear more about what our customers want to see!
  • What does CPSC Compliance mean?
    CPSC is the Consumer Product Safety Commission. This is a government body that regulates consumer products, including children's clothing. As a CPSC registered company, we ensure that our products meet the latest safety guidelines, meaning that the fabric, buttons, grommets, zippers and other parts that go into our clothing are free of leads, phthalates, and other chemicals, and the fabric has been flammability tested, where applicable. In addition, we label all of our clothing with a tracking number, so that in the event of a product recall, we can more easily track down the customer to remedy the recall.
  • What types of fabric do you use?
    We strive to source high quality natural materials (organic, where possible) to ensure durability and sustainability of the pieces we produce. Most of the fabric we use is made of a cotton/spandex blend (95%/5%). Blends will be noted in the description of each product. Lycra is the trade name of spandex, and the terms Lycra and Spandex are sometimes used interchangeably. Some common abbreviations you might see referenced on the site are as follows: CL=cotton/Lycra (or cotton/spandex) DBP=Double Brushed Polyester BL=bamboo/Lycra BFT=Bamboo French Terry CFT=Cotton French Terry
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